The Hunt Pt. 1

We were pre-approved for a mortgage, pre-qualified and all that. We knew what we wanted, we knew the rough area to look. Day 1 of house hunting was the first time I met the realtors in person (Gabe had met them before) and we started off with 4 houses fairly close together. I picked 1 in particular and 3 that just met our criteria and were nearby.

The first stop was the house I picked in particular, I’d seen it before and the price was right. Immediate rough lesson as we pulled up, if there are no exterior shots showing the street location there may be a reason so check google street view. The house was right next to a busy road, and you have to drive past it and turn onto this narrow side road right next to the road. It was confusing and noisy and already had me worried. While we waited for the realtor to show up we checked around the house exterior. The fence was not in good shape and would need replacing, and the yard was small and needed work.

Once we got to go inside… If you’re trying to sell your house try to keep it tidy. We were a bit late (maybe 15 minutes) but there’s no way that much clutter appeared in 15 minutes so it was always going to look like that. The resident’s were home which made it awkward, and we quickly looked around the rooms and the bathrooms that weren’t occupied. The house was brightly painted which was interesting but with all the clutter it was hard to envision it as ours. The kitchen was pretty nice except there was no oven, which kind of bewildered me and would need remedying. The noise from the street was blocked out by good windows but still, no oven and the exterior issues, as well as being right next to a busy street made this drop off my favorites list fast.

House two was a random choice and immediately was better. Front yard had a couple nice little trees and mostly desert landscaping. The weeds had poked through while it was vacant but that’s an easy to remedy problem. The fencing was a nice block wall, there was a sturdy looking RV gate and a deep one car garage. On top of that everything was freshly painted and looked well maintained.

The kitchen was nice with dark counters and cupboards. There was tile everywhere except the bedrooms and the bathrooms were nice sized. The big draw for us was that there was a game room set off between the kitchen and the garage. We could just envision it being perfect and between that and everything looking in good shape that jumped to the top of the list. The windows were old but replacing windows is not impossible.

House three was the same layout as house one interestingly. We were able to get a better idea of the space because it was vacant as well. The yard was large and the fence needed work, but it was a nice house. There was also hook ups for the laundry machine in the kitchen which was… weird. The dryer hook-ups were in the garage so I don’t know what was up with that. We figured out it could be moved relatively easily to the garage by a professional though. It hopped up to number 2 on our list and we went on to the last house.

House four the owners were home again, which was again awkward. We couldn’t look in one bedroom because someone was sleeping, there was an antique oven in the kitchen that was probably inoperable along with a regular one. The garage was off limits since there were dogs in it. The front had fruit trees but they looked in need of a bit of care. At the back of the house there were signs of possible issues with the roof, and a large bar gate over the sliding doors… again, weird. The master bathroom was kind of tiny too so it fell to last on our list overall, mostly for the roof problems.

We asked the realtors to see about house number 2 and tried not to get too attached to the idea (It didn’t work, we were really in love) and then we get the depressing news they’re about to take a bid and unless we have a competitive bid in that day we’re out of luck. It was sad news, but it was only day one of the hunt so we decided not to start a bidding war on the first day. We have plenty of time and houses to look at. I have started keeping an eye out for that builder though, because it was a wonderful floor plan.

I’ll probably just do a bulk writing every time we go out to look. It was an eye-opening experience and I know we’re gonna find something just right. Now I have to go update my zillow search and build up lists of options. I’m still in love with that game room though… *sigh*


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