Sleeping in the rain: Night 4 with Sleepmaker Rain

Sleepmaker Rain by Jennyapps is another barebones one. There are 9 sounds of rain, and they’re all actually nice recordings of real rain. The sound is the most realistic for me so far, unfortunately some of them loop frequently. I started off listening to “medium and steady with puddles” but switched to the gentler “gentle onto porch roof”. “Medium onto car roof” was also really nice but my brain doesn’t like thinking it’s in a car when sleeping.

The only features to speak of are a time which is… a little awkward since it’s drop down menus for hours and minutes. It also resets if you change anything. There’s no in-program volume either. Just pick a sound, set timer, and a stop button. The lack of customization and the somewhat awkward timer really hurt this one despite the great recordings. There’s really not much else to say, I’d listen to this for hours to relax but for sleeping I need something I can control better. I also had a few issues where I had to relaunch it because it stopped playing sounds while testing.

I slept until 7 am with no stress dreams but felt no more rested than with sleeping in the rain.

Final Report: 6.2/10

Sound Quality: 9/10 (The actual recordings of rain are the best thing this one has to offer.)

Customization: 4/10 (There’s no volume control, a clunky timer, and only 9 sounds.)

Variety: 6/10 (Only 9 sounds, even if they’re good and all rain.)

Accessibility: 5/10 (A clunky timer and a stop button, along with issues with needing to relaunch.)

Sleeping: 7/10 (No stress dreams, didn’t need to turn on the fan, but nothing particularly great.)


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