Sleeping in the rain: Night 3 with Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep by Zodinplex is pretty bare-bones. There is a timer in the corner, a pop up list of 13 sounds, a still image to show what you’re listening to, and a volume control. There’s also controls to switch soundtracks like an mp3 player, and a settings menu that’s just “give us money and we’ll stop the ads or rate us at least, please?” The sound quality is alright, but still a bit artificial. I went with the thunderstorm although the thunder was extremely loud and disruptive until I turned it down so I could barely hear the rain. There was another rain track but it was rain on the street and sounded really… wrong. It wasn’t bad but rain doesn’t sound like that in my apartment so it took me out of the experience.

I had to fiddle with the volume a lot which was frustrating because I was already tired going to bed. I finally got everything sorted and fell asleep pretty quick (I was tired, remember.) Then I had a stress dream at maybe 6am (I didn’t look at the clock) and woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I lay in bed until my alarms went off trying to sleep. I even debated starting up the rain noise again but the point is I shouldn’t have to. I did turn on the fan though. I had energy, was in a pretty fair mood for waking up early, and the stress dream wasn’t even that bad. Still, I didn’t sleep a full 8 hours which will probably catch up with me later.

Final Report: 5.8/10

Sound Quality: 6/10 (The sound was clearly rain, but it had an artificial ring to it and the thunder was extremely loud and jarring.)

Customization: 5/10 (There’s a timer and volume control… that’s it.)

Variety: 6/10 (There’s 2 rain sounds and only 13 sounds total. In the end it’s only barely better than Make it rain.)

Accessibility: 6/10 (It works like an MP3 player, with a pop up menu to select sounds. Functional, but a bit awkward at times.)

Sleeping: 6/10 (I had a stress dream, woke up, and had to turn on the fan. I do have energy but not as much as last time.)


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