Sleeping in the rain: Night 2 with Make it Rain: Sleep and Relax

Make it Rain: Sleep and Relax by Loopray trades in the variety of sounds of Sleep pillow for a bit more customization. It just the sound of rain, but there are 4 intensities (Soft, Medium, Hard, Intense) and 4 settings for the thunder frequency (Never, rare, few, often) There’s also settings for lightning and some feature using the camera that I didn’t understand. There’s a rain visual for the app itself and you can adjust the volume on the thunder and rain independently. So it’s a more customizable storm, although I didn’t use the visual or the optional flashing lightning because I’m trying to sleep and light just keeps me up.

There’s a simple timer on this one too, which starts up with the noise and restarts if you adjust things (mildly annoying). The volume customization meant I could get a little more realistic sounding storm, though still not 100% foolproof. I was asleep before the sound stopped like with Sleep Pillow so it was good enough.

I did wake up slightly before my alarm went off, and I could not get back to sleep. At first it was annoying me until I realized I was awake because I was full of energy. I don’t know if it’s due to this program in particular or just 3 nights of sleeping to the sound of rain but I woke up full of energy and in a good mood. I may have to go back and revisit these all again to find out if it’s just the rain sounds in general or a particular app cause this pleasant effect.

Final Report: 7.2/10

Sound Quality: 8/10 (The extra customization and volume control really did help a bit, still not 100% real sounding)

Customization: 8/10 ( I would’ve liked a slider for intensity on rain but I realize that would’ve been difficult to do and make sound realistic. Still a lot more volume control does help.)

Variety: 5/10 (There’s a few intensities for rain and a few for thunder but that’s it.)

Accessibility: 7/10 (The sliders are simple enough but everything is in pop-up menus and the timer resets itself with changes. I still don’t know what the camera feature was supposed to be.

Sleeping: 8/10 (I’m not entirely sure it’s this app causing me to have so much energy, but I slept soundly till I woke up and the sound was less distracting from the get-go.)


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