Sleeping in the rain: The Beginning.

I struggle to sleep some nights. Between random anxiety attacks where I fixate on some stupid irrelevant problem and my sensitivity to noises it doesn’t take much to leave me grouchy in the morning. The one thing that always assures me a good night’s rest is a good rainstorm. Unfortunately, living in the desert means we get those maybe a couple dozen times a year at best, and usually not when I’m sleeping.

After a night of tossing and turning and frantically trying to figure out how to make the chair I reupholstered tough enough to survive Gabe’s rough handling (I came up with a terrible solution after a half hour. It was enough to shut my brain up.) I decided something had to be done. I’ve got as my homepage because it helps me relax, so I downloaded 5 free apps on my phone to see if any of them could reliably lull me to sleep. Since I’m writing up a whole thing about this I’ve got a few key aspects I’m looking at to figure out which is best. Sound quality, customization, variety, accessibility and the most important aspect, did I fall asleep and sleep soundly.

I am loathe to spend money on phone apps, so none of these required money to listen to rain. The apps I picked were Rain Sounds -Sleep Ambiance by Loopray, Rain Sounds -Sleep & Relax by Relaxio, Sleep Pillow: Sleep Sounds by Fitness22, Sleepmaker Rain by Jennyapps, and Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep by Zodinplex. All of them have multiple sounds so I’ll mention which one I used. They all have timers as well so you can set them to play for a bit then turn off after you’ve fallen asleep.

I can’t wear headphones while sleeping so the current plan is to try a different one each night, not changing anything else about my routine. I’ll set the timer for 2 hours and start it as I get ready for bed (so I acclimate to the noise.) I’m also not going to run the fan for white noise as the idea is this should make that unnecessary. Fingers crossed I end up with at least one good nights sleep out of this. At the end of it if none are satisfactory I’ll test’s app since I know I love their website.


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