Sleeping in the rain: Night 1 with Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow: Sleep Sounds by Fitness22 is the first one I found and came with a 4.7 star recommendation. I guess it came to Androids after being on iOS first since a lot of comments were being happy it was on Android now. It has couple hundred sounds, selected by tapping on a picture. As far as I can tell they are all available for free, or at least it let me download them all with no charge. There’s a way to favorite the sounds you like best and a huge variety, from water noises to affirmations to white noise like vehicles and fans. It’s easy to listen and the volume adjust and timer are easy to use.

I stuck to water noises obviously, narrowing my choice down to a thunderstorm noise and a regular rain on concrete noise. The pictures tell you pretty much exactly what you’re getting too. I ended up going with the thunderstorm since it sounded like a nighttime storm and for some reason the other one sounded like a daytime shower. I don’t really know why. The downside to the thunderstorm is that it has this weird bird noise in the background sometimes (an owl perhaps?)

I wasn’t wholly fooled, my brain knew this wasn’t a real storm. Phone speakers just don’t quite cut it. Still, I turned off the light and felt more relaxed. It still took a while to fall asleep, but it was easier to shut my brain off and I didn’t hear the sounds stop playing.

I woke up once during the night, and I vaguely recall having a dream though I can’t remember it at all. In the morning I was feeling in a fair mood. Not super happy, but not very grumpy either. There was no extra tension and I was able to get my brain going right away.

Final report: 8/10

Sound Quality: 7/10 (I wasn’t fully fooled but it was reasonably good for the phone)

Customization: 6/10 (All you can adjust is the sound levels and the timer.)

Variety: 10/10 (There are a lot of sounds apparently for free in this app.)

Accessibility: 10/10 (Tap pictures to select, start sound, pause sound. Tap a little heart to favorite the sound. The sounds match the pictures really well.)

Sleeping: 7/10 (I did wake up, but I fell back asleep with relative ease and no stress dreams. Woke up feeling relatively energetic but not overly so.)



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