Spooked Pt. 9

As they walked along the ceiling, Julie struggled with her hair, finally managing to tuck it inside her shirt so it would stop falling upwards. Or downwards, she supposed. The effort of keeping them both cool in this place was already exhausting her by the time they were over the ruins. Heather pressed the license to her forehead and dropped it. It fell a few feet, then hung in the air below them.

Julie pulled out some climbing rope, attached it to the ceiling, and pulled on the rope tentatively. It seemed to flow downward like their hair, and when she attempted to climb it stayed stiff enough for her to get away from the ceiling. She climbed up/down a few feet and yelped as gravity reverted and she flipped on the rope, barely holding her grip. Heather grabbed her shirt just in case and she straightened herself out, climbing down past the license.  It dropped further as Heather joined her on the rope, flipping much less dramatically as she got away from the ceiling.

The heat was intoxicating, even with Julie cooling them down. The ground beneath them had heat waves pouring off of it and Julie flicked a quick blast of ice at the floor before setting foot on it. It melted almost instantly, a quick burst of steam as the only evidence it had been there. She set a foot down carefully,  and when her shoes didn’t instantly melt she hopped down and moved away so Heather could descend. The license spun around them in a wide circle and then darted towards one of the further buildings.

“Getting back is going to be interesting.” Heather looked up at the ceiling for a long moment before forging ahead into the ruins. The buildings looked ancient and were of a solid white stone. Most had crumbled into heaps, but a few were largely intact, with gaping black doorways pointed out towards the lava. The license fell to the ground outside of one building and Heather quickly picked it up. The edges had already started curling and it was warping from the heat. The interior of the building was pitch black outside of a small patch of light that extended a mere foot inside. Julie yawned next to her and she frowned at her sister, “Getting worn out?”

“I’m good.” Julie started into the darkness setting a bright blue flame in one hand to light the way.

“We don’t know what’s in here so keep sharp.” Heather followed close behind her. The room was impossibly dark, and Julie’s light only gave them a few feet on either side.

“I think it’s this way.” Julie pointed off to their left.

“Why that way?” Heather looked around for any sign, then followed Julie’s hand as it gestured downwards. A thick cluster of blond hairs on the floor led off in that direction, “Well that’s handy.”

“Careful sis, this situation is starting to feel kind of… hairy.”

Heather took a moment to process the joke, then rolled her eyes and gently pushed her sister forward, “This is no time for jokes.”

“Come on, sometimes you need to let your hair down.”

“I will mute you.”

“So you’re saying you have me in your cross-hairs?”

Heather couldn’t sigh loud enough, and settled for a stern “Hmph.”

Julie relented back into a nervous silence, biting back another joke as the dancing shadow on the hairs made her heart stop for a moment. Heather put a hand on her shoulder and she jumped.

“Save your energy, I’ll light from here.” She said, as glowing light emitted from her feet. Julie extinguished her fire gratefully, focusing her energy on cooling again. Heather’s lighting wasn’t as bright, but the soft yellow glow of her footsteps as she walked ahead were more comforting and persisted behind her.



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