Untitled Pt. 7

She walked back towards home, then past it. Past the grocery store and around the block, back towards the shore she made her way. The day continued to warm up as Lisa made her way to the last big hill before the shore, and the cemetery. She stood at the entrance, frowning up at the stone arch that imposed itself in front of her.

She hadn’t meant to come here, she’d meant to just walk and clear her head. Or maybe she had meant to come here, as she felt the extra key on her keyring weighing heavy in her pocket. She continued up the path, past rows of gravestones into the older parts. Now mausoleums were popping up regularly. She found the one at the far end, furthest away from prying eyes and with a well-maintained gate barring entrance.

She unlocked the gate and shut it behind her, locking it again. A few steps down she found herself a spot on the floor next to Angela’s marker. The past magical girls of the town were all interred here. There were only three, as the town didn’t see many threats and most of them lived fairly long lives. Angela had been the shortest lived, and even she had been well past her prime when she’d passed. There was a space reserved for Lisa already, on the other side of the room, and another staircase down to the start of a new room, for when the fifth magical girl passed. They’d started building it with her previous apprentice, but when things had gone south the town had left it unfinished. She supposed now they would start digging it out again, preparing for Camden’s inevitable fate.

Lisa looked at her phone. The walk had wasted almost two hours, but she had plenty of time to go shopping and make it to the Crook’s house for dinner. She picked at a little patch of the moss that had started to grow on Angela’s marker and cleared it off as best she could.

“I’m trying again, Ma’am…” She said out loud, “So keep an eye on us, okay? I don’t know what I’m doing without you and I’ve already screwed up once.” She stopped talking and pressed her head against the cold stone of the wall. There was no response, there never was one. She stood up and dusted herself off, grimacing at the amount of moisture on her pants now. The sun would dry her quickly once she went outside at least.

The sun was hidden by clouds when she went outside again, and a wind had picked up from the shore. “Of course.” She started the long walk to the grocery store.

She was dried off by the time she reached the store, and the sun was back out in full force. The wind had disappeared again and Lisa hoped silently that another storm wouldn’t roll in tonight. The only cashier at the front of the store waved at her and she gave him a smile and nod, heading for the light bulbs first. With those safely in her basket she wandered up and down the aisles, trying to decide what to get.

She wasn’t much of a cook, usually resorting to sandwiches or pre-made food. Spaghetti was easy enough, but as she put it in her basket she realized she wasn’t sure if they’d have everything to cook it. She briefly considered buying a few back up options, but there weren’t a lot of foods simpler than spaghetti. Jasper would probably be offended if she bought them a pot just in case anyways.

Lisa found some sauce as well and put that in the basket, trying to remember what little she knew of the two. Other than Camden’s mother having died, and that Jasper was an electrician, she knew almost nothing about how they lived. She’d gotten the impression money was tight, but that was true for a lot of the workers in town. There was some fresh garlic bread by the bread aisle so she grabbed that too, and something for her to drink on her way over. She checked out and headed back out into the sunlight.

The Crook’s lived close to the shore, so she headed straight past her apartment again, forgetting to drop off the light bulbs. The sun was slowly starting it’s descent as she found herself in front of an older two story home with a small yard and a white picket fence surrounding it. Camden waved from the window by the door and hurried outside.

“Ms. Lisa! Come on, I’ll give you a tour.” She pulled at Lisa’s free hand and guided her inside.


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