Cooking Adventures Pt. 2: Cheesecake madness

The picture on facebook was what sold me. It looked like a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, and I love those. It looked more complicated then usual with the picture showing crust on all sides, and I’m not sure why they have a pink and a white layer.

I measured everything dry out the night before and left 4 8oz packages of cream cheese to soften overnight. I also mashed up 22 golden oreos in a ziploc bag for the bottom crust, and 12 in a bowl for the top. Later regretted using the baggy, as I had to add melted butter to those, so I ended up pouring them into a bowl anyways and losing a few bits that were stuck inside the bag. I don’t know how much this recipe took into account the cookies having icing inside… probably not much.

I lined my springform pan with foil (I did the sides and bottom but it only asks for sides) and instead of buttering the inside I used baking spray (more regrets later, but not too many). When I poured the bits for the bottom crust in they didn’t really cover the whole bottom, so I smashed them a bit more to try and fill in the holes. I haven’t eaten it yet so I don’t know how well I managed on that.

After that it was more like a regular cheesecake. Mix part of the sugar, some of the cream cheese, and cornstarch (okay that was a bit unusual to me but maybe I’m just forgetting it from other recipes). Add more cream cheese, hope your poor hand mixer will forgive you, mix in more sugar. Then came vanilla extract (I was a little short, somehow my excess disappeared over the holidays), then eggs, then heavy whipping cream. No idea what I’m gonna do with the extra .25 cups of whipping cream but it was for a good cause.

Now for the sloppy bit, pouring half the filling in. Then you spoon “plops” of half a jar of strawberry ice cream topping (it’s like preserves without the chunks) and use a butterknife to make it look all pretty and marbled. Then you immediately cover up your artwork with more filling, and use up the rest of the strawberry topping to marble the top layer. Very efficient of the recipe to leave no sugar behind. It used up all but 2 oreos from the package and all the strawberry stuff.

You let the whole mess bake at 350 for an hour or so, till it only jiggles a little (mine was still jiggling a lot so I gave it 10 more minutes.) It still jiggled after that but I was getting hungry and impatient so I just took it out and set it on the stove at this point (it was brown on top so I probably could have pulled it sooner.)

Fun note here: The baking spray dripped down through the pan and started hitting the bottom of my oven. I noticed before it made a real mess, and stuck a pan under it. Now I have a pan coated in melted spray and whatever else. S’all good, but this is probably why they said butter and to line only the sides.

After this I made the top coat, mixing the 12 crushed oreos with 1.5 tsp butter (softened, not melted for some reason). I separated them in half and added 3 tbsp of strawberry jello mix to half, mixing it into a weird pink crumb mess. There was no way I trusted this cheesecake to hold up if I tried to undo the sides of the pan to apply crumbs, and they weren’t sticking anyway. It suggested adding butter but I’m pretty sure that this cake is gonna clog my arteries up just fine already so I just sprinkled them on top to try and make it look pretty. This had the bonus of covering up not only the browning but also the cracks that formed (I make tasty food, not pretty food.) In the end it didn’t seem like there were enough crumbs for a full coating anyways.

So now it’s chilling in the fridge since I don’t want to eat it without Gabe. It must taste good with that much sugar and cream cheese in it, and oreos are always tasty. It doesn’t look like the picture, but the picture looked like a mess too so I guess they’re spiritual cake buddies.

End result: A cheesecake coated in oreos and full of strawberry stuff. Pictures up on facebook for those curious to see the result.


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